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Saniatem Gel

Saniatem Gel

Indications for use:

Gel for external use in the form of a homogeneous soft mass of white or white with a tint from pink to light gray. It is intended for use as the main or additional means of prevention and control against:

• blackheads, acne, pyoderma;

• dermatosis, eczema;

• herpes rashes;

• wounds, cuts, scratches;

• insect bites;

• frostbite;

• burns;

• mycoses of skin, nails;

• telangiectasia, hemorrhoids;

• trophic ulcers, necrosis, bedsores.

Hypoallergenic. It has an analgesic effect: it reduces pain within a few minutes after application. *** Contraindications : individual intolerance to the components. If individual intolerance to the components is detected, immediately stop using it and choose another remedy with a similar spectrum of action. No age restrictions.

How to use: To achieve the desired result, SANITATEM gel is applied to the problem area after its preliminary cleansing. The procedure is repeated 1-5 times a day until the problem disappears completely. Composition : water solution of silver, CMC. Storage conditions : store in a dark place at room temperature. Shelf life 24 months. Color from transparent to light yellow. It is not a medicinal product.


The main active ingredient of SANITATEM gel is silver of the highest standard (without impurities) in the form of nanoparticles. This ensured the maximum effectiveness of the product in 4 directions at an absolutely safe concentration of the noble metal included in the composition.

• Restoration of blood supply to problem areas. Activates the process of formation of new blood vessels and capillary network (angiogenesis).

• Accelerated regeneration of damaged tissues. With simultaneous protection against the formation of voluminous scars and large-scale scars.

• Suppression of vital activity of pathogens. Interferes with development of pathogenic microorganisms on the processed site.

• Blocking of inflammatory processes. Stops the production of inflammatory mediators - prostaglandins, reduces pain.

Accelerates the survival of transplanted skin, healing of surgical incisions. Reduces the depth of wrinkles (anti-aging effect). Stimulates recovery processes, improves metabolism.

Caution : Exposure to direct sunlight on the silver-treated area may cause unwanted reactions. To prevent, cover the area with sunscreen applied.

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