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bee subpestilence

bee subpestilence

Dead bees - a collection of bodies of bees that died naturally. In the body of a dead insect, elements of its vital activity are preserved for a long time. These are honey, propolis, pollen of flowers, royal jelly. An important role is played by the chitinous cover itself with a rich composition.

Decoction recipe:

50 grams of dead bees pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Boil 1-2 hours. Take 100 grams twice a day for a month. If necessary, the course is repeated after a 10-day break.


Prostate adenoma, sexual dysfunction in men

Disorders of the hormonal background

Joint pathologies

Migraine and headaches

Skin diseases

Venous lesions

Problems with the lungs and ENT organs


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